Behavior Change

After a short stint with, I start to get fascinated with the idea of behavioral change. It’s definitely not something new, but with the proliferation of apps and other tech tools nowadays that aim to do exactly that, I am just curious how many of those products actually succeeded in changing people’s behavior and making it last.

To experience first hand, I have enrolled in BJ Fogg‘s 5-day program, and hopefully the program will give me more insights.

In the mean time, I am sharing Carol Dweck’s paper, in which she pointed out the importance of “beliefs” in the malleability of personalities.

A lot of the things we do in education is to change how people think and behave for the better. And we open ourselves to being educated because we “believe” the knowledge will do us good and the source of knowledge is credible. So, I believe that it all starts with belief, and without it, no amount of motivation, social pressure, or reward system can really change how we habitually behave. Then the questions is, how do we make people believe?

Happy changing behaviors!


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